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Fic, A Weekend of Surprises, Jack/Daniel, NC-17, 2/3

It is almost two hours later when they have finally finish their meal. They are quite full, but not too full, and more than a little drunk - and very happy.

"I'll have to admit this was fantastic!" Jack says, putting an arm around Daniel.

"Fantastic? It was some of the best food I've ever had! That 'snapping bird' was the most suc-, succulent and delicious meat I've, I've ever eaten! The dessert was just perfect!" Daniel grins and leans on Jack. "And the various wines they kept pouring into our glasses was, was fantastic too!" He stumbles a little.

"And you're totally wasted! I'd forgotten how cheap a date you usually are! I should have told them not to give you all that wine!"

"Aw, come on, Jack! I'm not, not that drunk!" He grins again. "I can still walk!" He stumbles again. "Well, mostly!"

Jack rolls his eyes. "Is that your excuse for spending so much time sucking on that drumstick? Or your fork? Or your fingers?"

Daniel slides a hand down Jack's back to his ass. "No, that was because I was thinking of, of sucking your cock, Jack!" He giggles, a little embarrassed at his directness. "When can I do that?"

Jack gasps. "Soon, Daniel! Very soon! We're almost back!"

"Why wait?" Daniel stops walking and puts his hand on the growing bulge in Jack's pants, and squeezes lovingly.

"These people may be tolerant, but I don't think they wanna see their guests have sex on the streets! Jeez, Daniel!" Jack says, and pulls Daniel along.

"Spoil-sport!" Daniel says, but follows along.

Jack unlocks the door to the room, then scoops up Daniel and carries him inside.

"Hey! I can walk on my own!"

Jack grins and kisses his lover. "Sure, but you've been falling over your own legs much of the way - besides, this was much funnier!"

They kiss deeply, before Jack lets go of Daniel. "I need to go to the bathroom," he mumbles and goes out there.

"What do you say we take a bath together? In the pool?" Jack asks hopefully through the door.

"Yes - anything to get naked quickly!" Daniel opens the door with a sneaky look on his face. "Especially if I get to lather you up! I found some soap out here that smells really nice!"

Jack grins. "Deal! Let's see who can undress quickest!"

"Ohh, this is Heaven!" Jack moans as Daniel caresses him while slowly washing him with the fragrant soap.

"I totally agree," Daniel murmurs as he leans in to lick a freshly cleaned shoulder. He gently splashes water over Jack, washing all the soap away.

Jack opens his eyes and looks at Daniel in the light from the candles they have lit in the room. He swallows and feels his cock jump from the intense arousal he sees on his lovers face.

"I'm clean now - what are you going to do with me?" he asks, a little teasingly.

Daniel pats the low shelf at the side of the pool. "Sit here, gorgeous!"

Jack does as asked, and quickly moves to the shelf. "So?"

Daniel licks his lips, looking at the big hard erection Jack is sporting. "Now I finally get what I wanted already during the dinner!" He kisses the tip of Jack's cock, and Jack groans loudly.

Daniel licks all along the head, then takes the shaft into his mouth and slides down over it, going about half-way down before sliding up again. He repeats, going a bit further down each time. Meanwhile, he uses his hands to fondle Jack's balls.

"God! Daniel! You're such an expert cock-sucker!" Jack gasps. He grabs hold of the edge of the pool and does his damnest to not thrust in deeper than Daniel is ready to take him - which is soon all the way down.

Jack fights for control, as Daniel swallows him to the base, then increases the suctions while slowly letting him slide out, then down over him again. Soon Jack gives in and grabs Daniel's head, thrusting a few times into his wonderful throat before coming hard. He cries out hoarsely as he empties himself deep inside Daniel's throat, burying his hands in his lover's hair while he spasms against him.

He lets go and Daniel pulls back, gulping in air, but his eyes are dark with arousal. "I love you so much Jack!" He grabs his own very hard cock and starts jerking off.

"No, stop!" Jack finally manages, when he is able to talk again. "Let me suck you off. Please?"

Daniel nods shakily, just able to stop himself from climaxing. Having his throat fucked by Jack is always so arousing to him that he almost comes just from that.

They switch places, and Daniel closes his eyes and moan as Jack begins expertly pleasuring him. It does not take long before he comes so hard he almost passes out.

After finally making it to bed after spending a long time together in the pool, they had fallen asleep in the bed, closely together.

Jack wakes first, and lies for a moment and enjoys the knowledge that he is on vacation, and that his love is sleeping beside him. Then he turns to Daniel and kisses him.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!"

"Mmm?" Daniel grumbles.

Jack grins. "The sun is shining through the window! Come on! Let's get some breakfast and then go check out that beach Carter mentioned!"

"Beach?" Daniel asks, sleepily, turning to look at Jack.

Jack hands him his glasses. "Yes. Beach. I thought we could go swimming? I haven't done that in ages!"

"Swimming? Sure, why not?" Daniel yawns. "Does it have to be right now? I'm still tired!"

"And I'm hungry! Come on! You can sleep some more on the beach!" Jack insists.

"Okay, okay." Daniel sighs and sits up. "I guess breakfast sounds nice." He frowns. "Wait - I didn't bring any bathing trunks!"

Jack laughs. "Neither did I. Carter said it wasn't used here, and they'd look weirdly at us if we wore clothes while swimming."

"So we're skinny-dipping. Uh, okay." Daniel sighs and gets out of bed. He turns and smiles at Jack. "At least I'll get something nice to look at!"

"This looks like a nice place," Jack says.

Daniel nods. "Agreed."

Jack puts down the basket with food and drink they brought to have a picnic, and Daniel spreads out the large blanket on the soft white sand. They have picked a spot near some palm trees, meaning there is a bit of shade.

It is a pleasantly warm day. The beach is covered with soft white sand, and there are palm trees here and there. The ocean laps lazily at the shore, small slow waves rolling in. There is a light breeze, and it is just perfect weather for a picnic and a swim.

Jack sits down. "Wow! Carter was right! This is awesome!" He streches out on his back. "What do you say we take a short nap before going for a swim?"

"Sounds good to me!" Daniel says. He places the picnic basket just behind the palm tree, where the shade is deepest. "We should eat the food before it gets too hot, though."

"Soon." Jack yawns. "Come lie here with me, Danny."

Daniel looks around at the naked people running around, sitting on the beach, or swimming. They all seem happy and careless. "I guess we don't need to worry about any danger here."

"Nah. I'm pretty sure we're safe. Carter said the Tok'ra used this place for recreation, and that there was no danger here. I guess I'm willing to trust the Tok'ra on that one."

Daniel nods. "So am I." He lies down beside Jack and snuggles up to him. "Mmm, this is nice."

Jack wraps an arm around him and pull him close. "Very nice."

They fall asleep.

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