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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Destiny, Jack/Daniel, PG-13, 5/5

 They sat and ate the pizzas, and drank the wine, grinning and enjoying each others company. It was just like old times, being friends and team mates.

Jack pushes the pizza box aside and wipes his mouth with a napkin before downing the rest of the contents of the glass of wine. He smiles at Daniel, who finished eating a little while ago. "This was a great idea, Daniel! We need to do it again soon!"

Daniel smiles. "I agree." 

"I've missed you...missed your friendship." Jack says. "Don't ever die like that again! Ascend, or whatever!"

"Not without you, I promise!" Daniel says. "I won't leave you." 

"Good." Jack says. He's a more than a little drunk, and at that wonderful stage where you feel mellow and just want to share how much you love your friends. "You're my best friend, Daniel! I mean, all of you, you, Teal'c, Carter...you're my friends, but you...you're the closest. I feel, I feel like I can tell you everything!"

"You can." Daniel promises. "I'll always be there for you Jack, and I was. Even when I was ascended. I did my best to...watch over you. Protect you."

Jack grins. "Like I need protecting! It's usually you who needs that, Danny-boy!" He grabs the other man's hand and squeezes it, growing somber. "I'll be better at protecting you in the future. I can't...lose any more of you guys! Can't lose any more of those I love..." he mumbles in a low voice. 

Daniel smiles at him and squeezes Jack's hand back. "Then we'll look after each other." When Jack doesn't let go of his hand, he slides a little closer to him on the couch.

Jack looks up and into Daniel's beautiful blue eyes. Daniel stares into Jack's brown eyes, so warm and lovely.



They lean forward at the same time, and their lips meet. They sit like that, slowly kissing their first, wonderful kiss, for several minutes. Moving their mouths against each other. Simultaneously they decide to deepen the kiss, and soon their tongues are sparring. When they finally pull apart, they just look into each others eyes. 

"Um...Daniel..." Jack begins, not sure what to say.

"Shh, Jack, please don't say anything. Don't ruin the moment with trying to explain this away..."

"I wasn't going to try..." Jack says, his voice a bit rough from arousal. He pulls Daniel to him again, and kisses him deeply and thoroughly again. 

They embrace tightly and soon their hands start to stray, unable to not go where they have wanted to for so long. 

"Oh, Jack!" Daniel squeals when Jack's hands slide over his body, down to his butt, kneading it. 

"Daniel!" Jack kisses his Daniel again, and slides his hand up under Daniel's shirt. He fondle him as they lie down on the couch, embracing tightly.  

They start tearing at each others clothing and soon tumbles to the ground, in their frenzy to get naked and sate the desire they have felt for each other for so long. 

The last Daniel thinks before he succumbs to Jack expert hands and mouth is that going to Jack's house that night is the best idea he has had in many years! 


Daniel wakes in Jack's bed the next morning. Some time during the night they had made it there, after having wonderful mind-blowing sex on the carpet in the living room. Then they had wonderful sex in the bed, before falling asleep, snuggling closely together.

Daniel moans softly when he opens his eyes. "My head!"

Jack stretches and looks at him, raising an eyebrow at his lover. "As I mentioned before, you are a cheap date - you get drunk from a glass of wine or a beer!"

Daniel scoffs. "It was more than one glass!"

"So it was." Jack kisses him. He looks closely at him. "No regrets, I hope?"

Daniel had thought he would be the one to ask that. He careful shakes his head. "About us? No, never! About the wine? That's another story!"

Jack grins. "My poor Daniel!" He grimaces. "My head isn't much better, even though I've got a bit more experience in this matter."

"You also got a lot more to drink!"

"Yes. But I know just how to treat a hangover."

"How?" Daniel looks at him suspiciously. 

"A cold shower - and then a beer. Followed by my amazing massage!"

Daniel grimaces. "Can we go directly to the massage?"

"Nope! It's all three or none!" Jack gives him a sly look.  

"Okay, okay..." Daniel groans and force himself to sit up. "Don't want to pass that up, so I'll try..."

Jack smiles and gets up, wincing a little at his sore knees. He then pulls Daniel up after him, giving the younger man's body an appreciative look. "I'll accompany you to the bath. Come!" 

Daniel looks at Jack's body, studying his firm ass and deciding that headache or no headache, sharing a bath with Jack might be worth it. "Okay, but can we take a warm bath? Please?"

"Sure." Jack grins. "At first!" He then adds. 

Daniel groans, but happily follows his new lover. As they walk out into the bathroom he smiles to himself. This has gone much better than he had ever imagined, better than he had ever dared dream!

Perhaps there is happiness in the future for him and Jack anyway! 



The end. Though I will definitely write more about Jack and Daniel's journey through a shared life, and the happiness they have together, as well as the challenges they meet! 

Tags: fic, jack/daniel, stargate sg-1
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