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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Destiny, Jack/Daniel, PG-13, 4/5

 Several weeks later.

Daniel has finally gotten all his memories back - including a few from when he was ascended. He is also remembering what Sam told him, about Jack. He decides it is time to talk to Jack, and to confess how he feels. Now, before he loses the courage to do so!

He decides it is not a good idea to approach Jack on the base, because then Jack will be in full military mode, and he would never admit to anything then.

So, when the weekend arrived, and the team was on standby, Daniel decided it was time to make his move!

Jonas was back on Kelowna. Teal'c was visiting his son, Rya'c, and Sam was with Martouf/Lantash visiting some romantic planet. That meant no one would come and disturb him all weekend.

If only he could convince Jack to admit to the feelings he hoped they shared.

Nervous, Daniel knocks on the door to Jack's house. Please be home, the handsome archaeologist thinks.

After a few moments, the door opens, and Jack stands in the door.


"Uh, hi, Jack. Can I come in? I mean, I can leave if you're busy-"

Jack rolls his eyes. "You know me, I'm not busy! I'm just watching hockey and drinking beer. I was just about to order pizza, so it's a perfect time if you want any!"

"That sounds really nice, Jack. Thanks, yes."

"Good. You still like pepperoni and mushrooms, right?"

"I, yes. Yes, I do. It sounds really good, actually. I haven't had it in, well a long time. Not since before I ascended."

"Thought so. Come on it, Danny, and let's order." Jack smiles.

"Uh, I brought this." Daniel holds out a bottle of wine.

"Wine? Well, I guess it will be perfect with the pizza." Jack grins. "Beer and pizza is good for team night, but wine and pizza is more, classy. Yeah, that's the word!"

Daniel steps inside and goes to sit in the couch in the living room while Jack orders pizzas for them both. After a few minutes he shows up with a couple wine glasses and the bottle, uncorked. On the table stands several beers, a few full ones, three of them empty and one half-full. 

"It's been a long time since team night, Jack. Maybe we should start that up again." Daniel says, nervous. He's not sure if he should really have interrupted, or if it was a good idea. Jack seems...unnerved. 

Jack nods. "Good idea. I wonder if Marty wants to come - when it matches the times he's on Earth."

"Unless he and Sam, uh-"

Jack rolls his eyes. "Yeah, that's true. Probably." He grins. "I never thought I'd say it, but I'm happy for them. Really. Marty is a good guy - as Tok'ra go. Hell, even otherwise. Also, he makes Carter happy."

Daniel nods. "That's good. I'm happy for them too." He takes a deep breath. "Jack, what about you? Wouldn't you want that? I mean, being happy, with someone."

Jack takes a long drink from his beer, then shrugs. "Sure, I guess. Haven't thought that much about it recently."

"Because it didn't work out with Sam."

He sighs. "Yeah... no, not just that. Before that too. After it didn't work out with me and Sara. After Charlie, we couldn't..." Jack becomes silent.

"I'm sorry."

Jack shakes his head. "Don't. It was a long time ago, but I guess it's rare to meet someone like that. Someone you really love and feel you can be you with. Sara was someone like that, and if Charlie hadn't died - due to my own stupidity!" he says bitterly. "Then maybe..."

Daniel puts a hand on his leg. "Jack...don't be so hard on yourself. You didn't do it on purpose. You're human, and humans make errors."

"Not like that!" Jack exclaims hotly. He drains the rest of the beer and opens another. "Sorry. I'm...a bit drunk." He takes a long drink from the beer.

"I understand, uh, maybe you shouldn't have any more beer then?"

"Right. You brought wine." Jack looks at the beer. 

"That's not what I meant." Daniel sighs. "Sorry, this was a mistake. I shouldn't have come here like this." He gets up. "I'll leave."

"No, wait." Jack puts down the beer and grabs Daniel's arm, pulling him down on the couch beside him. "Stay." He grimaces. "I don't...really want to be alone. I guess I've been sitting here and being miserable and feeling sorry for myself."

"Jack...I understand. When Sha're died, I felt like my life wasn't worth anything anymore. Like nothing was worth anything anymore."

Jack nods slowly. "It's hard...losing those you love." After they have sat in silence some time, he takes the wine bottle and pours for them both, then hands a glass to Daniel. "Cheers. To...survival. And absent friends and loved ones."

"Yes. To absent friends and loves ones. And survival." They drink, and then sit in silence for a long time. "Jack..." Daniel starts again.

"Hm?" Jack pulls himself from his thoughts - which are probably not pleasant ones.

"Have you ever felt like that again? Like you did for Sara, I mean?"

Jack thinks for some time, looking down at his glass. "I thought I did for Carter, but that wasn't true. But...yes, I have." He confesses, looking up at Daniel.

"So have I." Daniel says. "I didn't think so, but I have." 

Their gazes catch and they look into each others eyes. 

"Daniel..." Jack begins, but is interrupted when the doorbell chimes. "It's the pizza. I'll get it." He gets up fast and hurries to the door.

Daniel looks after him, having the feeling Jack is not just hurrying because he doesn't want the pizza man to wait. What had he been about to say?



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