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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Destiny, Jack/Daniel, PG-13, 2/5

 Sam wakes up from a nice dream about Martouf and sleepily reaches for her alarm clock. She turns it off, and huddles back under the covers for a few moments more, trying to hold onto the nice dream. The dream where Martouf and Lantash are alive.

Then she suddenly freezes when she feels naked skin against her own naked skin, and hears a sleepy muttering.

Who is in her bed? Had she went out to drink yesterday, and taken somebody home? No, surely not!

She realizes she also senses naquadah - the energy signature of a symbiote! 

She turns over quickly, and spots a man lying beside her. The room is fairly light, as the morning sun is shining through the curtains, so she can easily recognize the man.

"Martouf!" She exclaims, shocked. "How can you be here, in my bed? And why are you naked?"

He looks at her with a confused and groggy look. "Who are you?" He looks down himself, and her, realizing they are naked. He smiled, somewhat embarrassed. "I, do not seem to remember you, or how I ended up here, but from our state of clothing we clearly know each other."

"Nothing happened, if that's what you're implying!" Sam shakes her head. "Don't you know who you are? Really?"

 What was going on here? How could he be alive? Why didn't he know who he was?

He smiles embarrassed. "Ah, no, I really don't." He frowns, looking around. "Where are you?"

"What?" Sam frowns. "I am here."

 "Not you. There is someone else here. Another man."

"What! I can assure you there aren't more people in my bed!"

"Don't you hear him? He says he also doesn't remember. And that he can't move." Martouf frowns. "He, thinks he may be - in my head?"

Sam groans. "Lantash! That is Lantash! He is supposed to be in your head!"

"You are supposed to have another person in your head?" Martouf wonders. "I see."

"No! Well, yes, Tok'ra do! You're Tok'ra! Your name is Martouf, and Lantash is your symbiote!"

"I am sorry we are making you angry." Martouf looks over her nude body - she has moved so the blanket has slid off most of her. His expression tells Sam that he appreciates what he sees.

Sam takes a deep breath and quickly pulls the blanket up. "I'm not angry. Just frustrated. Listen, we need to get to the bottom of this. Can you remember anything?"

Martouf thinks about it for some time. "Very little. I do remember seeing you before. So does Lantash. We don't recognize the room. We think," He blushes. "That we have feelings for you. Perhaps we are mates? Since we are sharing this bed?"

Sam gives him a sad smile, really wishing it was the case. "No, we're not. But I, um, know you have feelings for me." She remembers what Lantash had wanted her to know - that he loves her as much as he loved Jolinar. "And, I sort of, think that I have feelings for you too."

"That is good." Martouf observes.

"Yes. Yes, it is. Listen, I don't know how to tell you, but you, were shot. You're supposed to be dead. Both of you."

"Dead? But how can we be here then?"

"I have no idea. But there are plenty of ways to bring back someone, so I guess it's possible. Obviously it's possible. Provided you are who you think you are. I guess you could be a clone. Or an impostor, trying to trick me-" Sam suddenly realizes.

"I would never do that!"

Sam takes a deep breath. "I don't think you are an imposter, but we need to get to the bottom of this. I'll, get dressed, and see if I can find something you will fit in. Then we'll get to Stargate Command, and have Janet look you over. Call the Tok'ra. Okay?"

She stretches out and grabs a towel that hangs on the chair beside her, then gets up, wrapping it around her.

"I already saw you naked." Martouf smiles. "But yes to the plan."

Sam blushes. "I'll be back in a moment."


Daniel smiles a little to himself, after having checked how his friends are doing. It was very unfortunate the Ancients insisted on making Martouf and Lantash forget everything before sending them back, but Oma had promised the memory loss would be temporary for all the memories they had before ascending - but permanent for most of the memories they had gotten as ascended. Apparently, human and symbiote brains were not yet evolved to the point where they could hold on to all the memories of an ascended being, and Daniel also suspected the Ancients didn't want mere mortals to have all their knowledge of the universe.

He floats to where Jack is, in his own house. Jack has just woken up, and he does not look happy. Daniel decides to talk to him.

"Hi, Jack!" Daniel says, making himself visible.

"Whoa, Daniel! Don't just show up like that - if you're real, that is. You're probably a figment of my imagination."

"Jaaa-ack. You know I'm not. We've been over this. Many times. Especially when you were a prisoner of Ba'al's."

"Don't mention that! Ever!" Jack warns.

"Sorry." Daniel smiles, and secretly admires Jack's body. He is only wearing underwear, but Daniel wishes he had been there a little earlier, while Jack was showering! Oh!

"Did you want something? Because some of us are going to work, you know!"

"I just wanted to say hi. See how you're doing. Checking up on old friends, you know."

"Hm." Jack starts finding his clothes and begins to dress.

"So you're not with Sam anymore?"

"None of your business!" Jack sounds grumpy.

"I'm your friend! You can tell me - anything!"

Jack is silent for a long time while he dresses. "I guess it doesn't matter. You're ascended - or whatever. You're not gonna tell anyone. We're taking a break."


"I'm not sure we're good together." Jack confesses. "I thought we'd be, but we're not. Too little in common, I guess." Jack grins. "Though there are some things I miss - she's really hot in bed, you know!"

"Not interested in hearing about that!" Daniel tells him, feeling a pain in his heart thinking of Jack with Sam.

"Why not? Jealous?"

"Why would I be? I'm ascended." Daniel looks carefully at Jack.

Jack shrugs. "It's just that you guys always spent so much time together. I always suspected there might be something there."

"Really? We've always only been friends."

"Never wanted more?"

"With Sam? Well, she's attractive, but we became close friends pretty much immediately, and somehow I think of her more as a sister. I do care for her. A lot."

"Care for her. Okay. Well, ascended people don't have relationships, I guess."

"Actually, some of them do, though many of them consider themselves 'above' that. They can even have, uh, sex."

"Really? How?"

"I didn't ask. Didn't feel like it - I mean, there weren't anyone I was interested in."

"Too bad. I'd have thought there was lots of people."

"And lots of space, and places they have created. Anyway, I wasn't interested in any of them because I'm already in l... I mean, never mind." Daniel realizes what he almost said.

Jack hasn't been paying attention, and is looking at his clock. "I need to get going, Daniel. It was fun to chat!"

"Sure." Daniel waves, feeling a little sad. Perhaps he should just tell him? It was obvious Jack was too dense to think of it himself!

"So he's really Martouf - and Lantash?" Sam asks Janet.

"Yes, for all I can see. They're not a robot copy like the ones that were made of you guys. They are flesh and blood, and their DNA matches what we have on file. I guess they could be clones or from another reality, but I don't have the means to tell you that."

"We'll have the Tok'ra come check them out. What about the amnesia?"

"Temporary, for all I can tell. Possibly a side-effect of whatever brought them here." Janet shakes her head. "This place sure is never boring! Now people are being brought back from the dead!"

Sam nods. "Yeah - no side-effects of that?"

"None that I can tell. They're completely healthy in every way, except for the memory loss."

"Okay. Well, I'll talk to the General about calling the Tok'ra here to check." Sam's stomach rumbled. "But for now I think I need some breakfast." She smiles.

Janet smiles at her. "I can understand why you're worried, Sam, but they really seem to be who they appear to be. Lucky, huh?"

Sam blushes. "Uh, yeah. Or, what do you mean?"

Janet rolls her eyes. "You love them! Duh! It's obvious!"

Sam looks embarrassed. "They're - very good friends. And Jolinar's mates."

"You're fooling no one, young lady! Now, go talk to them! Don't waste any more time! Don't waste this second chance!"

Sam nods slowly. "You're right. I won't - if they still want me."

"I'm sure they do. Didn't you see how they were looking at you? They're waiting in the other room - go ask if they want breakfast too!"


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