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Fic, A Weekend of Surprises, Jack/Daniel, NC-17, 3/3

 Jack and Daniel ended up spending most of the day at the beach. After sleeping, they had done as everyone else, and undressed.

They went for a swim, and soon forgot to be embarrassed about their nudity - since it was obvious no one cared.

After playing in the water for a long time, they had eaten the food they had brought. It had been a bit too warm, but still good, and isn't picnic food supposed to be like that?

After another pleasant nap in each others arms, it was time to go back to the town.

They walk slowly back to the town while holding hands. It is not far.

"This has been a wonderful day, Jack. Going here was a great idea." Daniel squeezes Jack's hand. "Thanks."

"The weekend isn't over yet! We're not returning until tomorrow evening. Late!" Jack smiles. "And I agree - it's the best vacation I've had in, well, many years!"

"What do you say we eat at the same restaurant today? They had several more dishes I would really like to try," Daniel says.

Jack nods. "Me too. Good idea." He smiles mysteriously. "And then, when we come back to our room, I have a surprise!"

"A surprise? What is it?" Daniel asks.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?" Jack grins. "You'll have to wait until then."

"Okay. We've eaten, and we've both bathed. What's the surprise?" Daniel asks, impatiently. He sits down on the bed, wearing only underpants.

"Just a moment." Jack rummages in his bag. He is not even wearing underwear, and his half-hard cock proves that he has been fantasizing about Daniel while the other man finished his bath.

"I had hoped it had something to do with sex, Jack. I've watched your gorgeous body - naked - most of the day, and you kept flirting with me over dinner, so I'm more than a little horny!" Daniel whines.

Jack grins. "Don't worry, Danny. I assure you, the surprise very much has something to do with sex!" He pulls two packages out of his bag, both wrapped in gift paper. He hands them to Daniel. "Here ya go!"

"What is it?" Daniel asks, eagerly unwrapping the gifts. From the first he pulls a large black butt plug with a switch at the bottom.

"It vibrates too!" Jack says, smiling.

Daniel flushes, but smiles at him. "Sounds really, nice."

"I know you always say that anal sex is unfair, because we both like being penetrated. Now we can!"

"It's, uh, very large. And long."

"That's the whole point! Just wait, I'm sure you'll like it - or otherwise I'll use it."

"I, ah, I suspect I'll like it," Daniel admits, putting the toy down on the bed. He then opens the other page. It contains a jar.

"That's lube. A special kind I got on Nirvana VI. You remember the market place there?"

"Yeah, it was huge. It looked like they got absolutely everything."

Jack nods, smiling. "I think they probably do. Anyway, I got this." He picks up the jar. "It's not just lube. It also has, special properties. According to the salesman it should give a 'warming, tingling, pleasurable sensation' and 'enhance the climax'. Well, we'll see about that, I suppose. If you're willing to test it?"

Daniel blushes again, deeper this time. "Sure, I'm willing. You know I am." He takes Jack's hand and pulls him closer, kissing him. "I look forward to it," he whispers.

"Great!" Jack kisses him back. "So, which one of us tries the butt plug?"

Daniel thinks it over. "Me, if it's okay with you."

"It absolutely is. In fact, I hope you will let me put it in you?" Jack caresses his lover down over the back, to his butt, which he then squeezes.

"Of, of course." Daniel stutters. He swallows. "Jack, I want you so much. Can we get on with this, please?"

Instead of answering, Jack slides his hand to Daniel's already hard shaft and fondles it lovingly through the underpants. He pulls on the piece of cloth. "Maybe you should get out of these, then, hm?"

Daniel slips out of the underwear fast as lightening, and snuggles up to Jack again. Jack caresses him, pumps his shaft and then kiss him.

They kiss deeply, and both moan as they press against each other.

Daniel turns on all fours, and Jack expertly begins fingering his butt hole. "Oh, yes, Jack!" Daniel groans, when Jack takes some of the new lube and puts it on his fingers, then sticks first one, then two inside of him.

"You're really ready, Daniel!" Jack grins and sticks three fingers in him. "Very relaxed."

"Maybe, maybe it's the lube!" Daniel pants. "It, it, prickles and, and tingles and oh!"

"Yeah, I can feel on my fingers too." Jack says, taking the butt plug/vibrator and lubing it up. Then he gently pushes it into Daniel, and he stretches to accomodate the plug, and it slips in. Jack pushes it in as far as it goes, so only the base is outside, then flips the switch.

Daniel has been groaning steadily, and now he gasps. "Oh, god, Jack! That's, that's so good! Damn, I need to fuck you now!"

"Good, because I really need to feel your big cock in my tight ass, Danny-boy!" Jack says, hoarsely. It really turns him on seeing his lover like this. "Let me lube your dick."

Daniel nods shakily and turns over so Jack can get to his cock. "Yes, Jack."

Jack takes a large glob of the lube and loving massages it into Daniel's cock. Daniel gasps and moans as Jack works his shaft.

"Wow, Daniel, I think this stuff has several properties! I mean, your cock is pretty big normally, but I think it looks even larger now!" Jack says, surprised. "And hard as steel!"

Daniel looks down. "Oh, yeah. Feels fantastic too! I mean my whole shaft tingles!" He takes a deep breath and pull Jack to him kissing him hard. "Turn over so I can get some of the stuff inside you. Because if I don't get my cock in you soon, I think I'm gonna explode!"

Jack turns over and assumes a position on all fours. Daniel works some of the lube into his ass. "You're right - it makes you relax immediately! You're definitely ready!" Daniel laughs.

Jack moans. "Oh, yeah, Danny. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

Daniel positions his cock at Jack's anal entrance and push forward. They both groan as he sinks into his lover. "Jack! So, so wonderful!" Daniel gasps and holds still, trying not to come from the combination of tightness and the aphrodisiac.

Realizing he won't last long, Daniel grabs some more of the wonder-lube and reaches around to take hold of Jack's cock. He starts massaging him at the same time as he slowly begins fucking him.

Jack's cock becomes rock-hard immediately, and he starts begging Daniel to fuck him hard.

Daniel pounds into his lover, grabbing his hips as he rides him. They shoot their cum almost at the same time, Jack coming moments later when he feels Daniel's hard jet of semen in his ass.

They tumble down on the bed together, panting hard.

"Wow, that's, that's some heady stuff!" Daniel finally manages to say.

"You can say that again," Jack murmurs, snuggling closer to his Daniel. "I almost passed out."

"Mm, sleep?"

"Oh, yeah. And then another round of this!"

"I hope we can get more of the stuff," Daniel says, yawning.

"I don't care if there are no more missions to that planet! I'm going there if I have to beg General Hammond!"

Daniel laughs. "Just don't tell him why, okay?"

Jack grins. "Right." He turns around in Daniel's arms, and they kiss each other. "Sleep well, Danny."

"You too." He kiss Jack again.

They fall asleep, nestled in each others arms.

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