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Fic, A Weekend of Surprises, Jack/Daniel, NC-17, 1/3

Title: A Weekend of Surprises
Author[personal profile] jackdanielforev 
Summary: Jack surprises Daniel with a weekend-trip to another planet.
Word Count: 4422
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Characters: Jack, Daniel
Rating: NC-17 (m/m graphic sex)
Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment only and not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
Written For: [personal profile] paian  for [community profile] jd_ficathon  2014
Prompt: Requirements: 1. A nice dinner out at a restaurant 2. A surprise Optional: It would be nice if the surprise were NOT an engagement ring or a marriage proposal, NOR Jack's retirement announcement. Restriction: No character bashing.
Notes: Thanks to my sister Sonya for beta'ing! Also huge thanks to you guys for letting me participate despite signing up way late!

"Where are we going?" Daniel asks, confused.

"It's a surprise." Jack grins mysteriously. "Don't worry. You'll like it! Did you bring the clothes?"

"Yeah. Two changes of clothes, one 'nice' outfit." Daniel nods, holding up the backpack. "So?"

"Wait and see, Danny." Jack gives his love a quick kiss. He picks up his own bag and puts a hand on Daniel's back, steering him out of his office. "This way."

They entered the elevator and Jack pushed the button for the lowest floor.

"We're going down? Weren't we going on a weekend trip together?"

"We are."

"Are we going offworld?" Daniel looks in surprise at Jack. "Really?"

Jack nods. "Yup. Carter told me of this nice place Martouf took her to a couple weeks ago. The planet is great I'm told. Tropical. Nice beaches, good food and wine. Oh - and very friendly people. Open-minded." He smiles and wraps an arm around Daniel's shoulders, giving him a squeeze before letting go as the elevator doors open.

"Sounds great!"

They step out onto a wonderful planet. The area around the Stargate is open, but nearby there is a lush forest, with a wide path through it.

"I think we just follow the path - it shouldn't be far off to the nearest town," Jack says.

The leaves formed a canopy over their heads, and everything was very green, dotted by beautiful flowers. Birds were singing, and it all seemed exceptionally peaceful.

"Wow! I wonder how this place can exist? I mean, why haven't a Goa'uld laid claim to it?" Daniel asks, looking around.

"Don't jinx it, Daniel!" Jack warns. Then he smiles. "Carter said the Tok'ra think the Furling has put some sort of protection on the planet. Kind of like the Asgard do with some planets. The Goa'uld can't go here - gets knocked out and returned through the Stargate, apparently. The Tok'ra aren't affected, weirdly enough, so I guess it's not just scanning for symbiotes." He shrugs. "No idea, but it would be damn useful a lot of places, if we could just figure out what's going on!"

"I agree." Daniel nods. He smiles at Jack. "It's a nice planet. It was a good idea going here."

"Let's wait a bit before we decide on that," Jack says, always the sceptic. "But it is nice being here with you. Just the two of us." He takes Daniel's hand.

"We're almost out of the forest - do you think-"

"Carter says they're open-minded. I vote we find out. I didn't go here to not be allowed to hold your hand!"

Daniel looks a little worried, but nods. "Okay. I agree with you. We'll see."

They exit the forest and reach the first houses in the town. It's a nice, medium-sized town, with clean well-kept houses. The people they meet look friendly and neither poor or starved. It is obvious this planet is not ruled by a Goa'uld.

No one pays much attention to Jack and Daniel, except for a friendly smile or greeting.

"Seems the folks here like visitors." Jack observes, squeezing Daniel's hand fondly.

"Yeah." Daniel smiles. "I think this is going to be a great vacation. Oh - and do you see that temple over there? I've never seen anything like it, but it's obviously a temple. I'd love to-"

"Nope. Not this time, Daniel! I mean, sure, we can go have a look, but you're not spending the whole time here studying some fascinating piece of architecture!" Jack insists.

Daniel grins, a bit embarrassed. "Of course not, Jack!" He stops and pulls Jack to him to kiss him. "I promise! I'm here with you - to celebrate our three months anniversary. I'd never put anything else ahead of you! You know how much I love you."

Jack smiles. "I know - and I love you too."

They kiss again, and when they look up, a smiling man is standing beside them. He bows his head and greets them.

"Welcome to the town of Paphos, on the lovely planet Amare." He bows lightly. "I am Tav'lar, member of our Ki'Malak - our Council. Are you here to celebrate your love?"

"Uh..." Daniel looks a little nervously at Jack.

"Hello," Jack says. "Well, I'm Jack O'Neill from Earth-"

"The Tau'ri," Daniel quickly adds.

"and this is Daniel Jackson, also from - the Tau'ri. I guess. We're here for a little vacation. Down-time, you know." Jack says.

Tav'lar smiles. "I understand. You wish for rest and pleasure. Correct?"

"Yeah, I guess so. A friend recommended we go here."

Tav'lar nods. "Good, we are honored to be recommended. You are mates, correct?"

"Yes," Daniel admits.

"You are on your first - 'vacation' together I assume?" Tav'ar smiles.

"Yeah, we are. So what?" Jack asks, starting to get annoyed with the interference.

"I apologize my friends, I merely wish to help. We are very proud of being one of the chosen places for couples - and other groupings, of course - who are in love. May I recommend the 'Inn of the Seven Pleasures?'"

"Sure, that sounds, nice, I guess," Jack sighs. "Where is it?"

Tav'lar explained the way to the inn, and soon Jack and Daniel are on the way there.

"This is really interesting, from the names I believe their culture is a mixture of-" Daniel begins, eagerly.

Jack grabs him and pull him to a stop. "Not now, Daniel! I'm hungry, and I'd really like to find this 'Inn of the Seven Pleasures' quickly!" He gave Daniel a kiss. "Okay?"

Daniel smiles, a bit embarrassed. "Okay." He shakes his head. "I'm really bad at this, taking a vacation, I mean."

Jack grins and slaps Daniel's shoulder. "I've noticed! Come on - I think the inn is that one over there."

"It's a nice room," Daniel says, as he checks it out. "Airy and light."

"And with a large bed." Jack sits down on it and tests it. "Exactly as it should be. Not too soft and not to firm," he says with a twinkle in his eyes.

Daniel blushes a little. "Yeah. It is. Nice bathroom too, with a pool, even. Looks like it's fed from a hot spring or something."

"Awesome." Jack smiles. "This place is getting better all the time. Carter mentioned a restaurant called 'Heavenly Tastes'. Now, I think that sounds a bit over the top - like they may think their food is a bit better than what it is, but what do you say we go find it? Unless you want to eat here at the inn. Sounded like they had nice food here too."

"I think I prefer the restaurant. It's not often I get to go out with you, Jack."

"Restaurant it is, then!"

"Jack! Wait - if we're going out to eat at a restaurant, then we'd better change first. Not that I know what goes for nice clothes here, but-"

"Sure," Jack says, looking like doesn't really want to, but knows Daniel is right.

After changing clothes, Jack and Daniel goes to the restaurant they have been recommended.

"This place, I guess? It says 'Heavenly Tastes' on the sign," Daniel says.

"Yup. Let's see if this place is as great as Carter thinks. Considering she likes blue jell-o and diet coke, you never know what they serve!" Jack gives Daniel a crooked grin.

Daniel just rolls his eyes and smiles fondly at Jack, before they enter.

A smiling, very elegant woman approaches them. "Hello, and welcome to 'Heavenly Tastes'. I am the owner, Sika. Would you like a table for two?"

"Yes, please," Jack says.

The woman, Sika, escorts them to a table by a small artificial waterfall. "Would this be acceptable?"

"It's nice. Thank you."

"A server will be with you in a moment." Sika makes a small bow and leaves them.

Daniel and Jack sits down at the table.

"There's fish in the pond." Jack says, looking down in the pool of water beside them, where water purls down over the stones from the waterfall. "They look delicious." He grins.

"Be nice, Jack!" Daniel complains. "I'm sure they won't be happy if you eat their fish! We'll probably get thrown out!"

"Just joking, okay?" Jack smiles and leans back in the chair.

A few moments later, a young man arrives. "Hello, I am Sion'h and I will be your server tonight." He hands them each a menu, then proceeds to light the candle on their table.

Jack looks at it and frowns. "I can't read this! Daniel?"

Daniel looks at the menu. "It's, it's in some combination of Latin and Greek, I think."

"Can you read it?"

"Uh, yeah. Just, just give me a little time."

"I can translate." Sion'h smiles. "Do you wish for a three, four, or five course menu? Or more?"

"Jesus! Three courses is more than enough!" Jack exclaims.

"Yeah, yeah I think that goes for me to," Daniel says.

"Three courses then. Main course options are, broiled red stripe fish with ginger and rice, roasted snapping bird with tubers and gravy, deer with-"

He continues listing options for the various courses, and Jack and Daniel picks something that sounds good. Or so they hope, as they don't really have any idea what any of it means. They also order 'accompanying wine special' - whatever that means.

"I guess there's something to be said for Earth restaurants!" Jack grumbles. "At least you can read the menu and have a clue what the dishes are!"

Daniel grins. "Aw, come on, Jack! Be a bit adventurous! Haven't you ever travelled to other countries? I assure you, I've been some places where I had less of a clue what they served than here!"

Jack smiles. "You're right - I've been some places like that too. It can be, interesting."

"Cheers, Daniel!" Jack held us his glass of surprisingly good white wine.

"Cheers!" Daniel smiles. "This was a great idea!"

Jack gathers some of the seafood on his fork and dips it in the sauce before he eats it. "This is delicious! I wish there were more of it!"

"It's just the appetizer." Daniel spears what looks like a large shrimp on his fork and dips it, before holding it out to Jack.

Jack accepts the offering, sucking a little suggestively on the fork and causing Daniel to make a sharp intake of breath. Jack grins. "I really like this place!"

"Yes. It seems public displays of affection and sharing food, or whatever, is not just accepted, but encouraged!" Daniel observes. "It's a hedonistic culture. Very interesting."

"For once I agree with you!" Jack says and holds out a fork-full for Daniel.

Daniel smiles and take the food, licking his lips very suggestively afterwards.

Jack groans. "This is going to be a long meal if we keep this up!"

Daniel just laughs and holds up his glass again. "Cheers!"

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