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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Destiny, Jack/Daniel, PG-13, 1/5

Title: Destiny
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Why did Daniel really descend? Was it perhaps because he knew Jack needed him?
Notes: Slight Sam/Jack, mostly past relationship. Some Sam/Martouf/Lantash as well. All but the Jack/Daniel are mostly background.

Written for Tok'ra Kree! Round 5, for this prompt:

152. SG-1, Sam/Jack and Sam/Martouf|Lantash and Jack/Daniel, Late season 6, shortly before Fallen. Sam and Jack are a couple. Daniel sees that Jack is not happy, and realizes he misses him. Daniel knows Jack will be too stubborn to see he loves Daniel, so Daniel convinces Martouf|Lantash to descend - which isn't hard and the only thing stopping them is Sam being with Jack. (Martouf and Elliot|Lantash ascended separately and since Elliot didn't want to be a host and Martouf wanted Lantash back, ascended-Lantash took ascended-Martouf as host). With Martouf|Lantash back alive, Sam leaves Jack. Daniel now descends (yes, he was interfering and the Ancients wanted to punish him, but Oma would have stopped them had Daniel not wanted back to Jack). Daniel now have to convince Jack that they belong together!

Fairly much dialogue lifted from "Fallen".

Bold is Tok'ra talking with voice distortion

"See you, sweetie!" Sam says and kisses Jack. "I won't be far behind you."

"I know. I just wish we didn't have to continue this charade." Jack sighs and kisses her, looking into her beautiful blue eyes. "This is driving me nuts."

"You know we can't risk it. We both want to stay in the Air Force, and if anyone finds out it would be bad for our careers."

"I know." Jack nods and leaves for his car.

Sam looks after him, a thoughtful look on her face.

Daniel feels a little guilty seeing this side of his friends lives, but he misses Jack terribly, and seeing him happy helps. Some, at least. It wasn't like though he ever observed them doing anything intimate.

Problem was - it seemed like Jack wasn't as happy as Daniel would have thought. Didn't he love Sam? Didn't she love Jack?

Daniel had felt sure of it - all the little looks. It was part of what had kept him from approaching Jack before. Well, that and the fact that Jack would probably have rejected him, and even the thought made it hurt in Daniel's heart - even an ascended being could clearly feel pain, as long as it was emotional.

He had been ascended for several months now, and now and then he kept an eye on his friends. Sam and Jack had taken up a surreptitious love affair about a month after he ascended, and at first they had seemed really happy. However, it hadn't lasted long. They spent less and less time together, and while they clearly tried to convince each other and themselves they were happy, Daniel could see that was not the case.

Maybe they had found out that actually being together wasn't as wonderful as it had seemed when it was just a forbidden dream? Or maybe they were just not right for each other. Really, Sam and Jack had little in common, aside from both being in the Air Force.

Daniel sighs as he slowly floats back to the plane of the ascended, where he spends most of his time. Thinking about it he could see he didn't really have much in common with Jack either, but they did get along well. He considered Jack a friend, and it was usually him, Daniel, that Jack would talk to whenever something bothered him. Well, as much as he talked to anyone.

It was possible to descend again - Orlin had proven that - but the fact was, Jack would never admit that he loved Daniel, so it was just as well that Daniel was ascended and out of the way.

"Hi, Martouf!" Daniel says, waving at the other ascended being.

"Hello, Daniel." Martouf bows his head in greeting. The Tok'ra had not changed his behavior, even if he had now been ascended for longer than Daniel.

Daniel knew that Martouf had ascended when he died - which was when they decided against trying to heal him after he was shot as a zatarc, and removed Lantash from him. That had happened more than a year after they had actually been shot, since they had been in stasis until then.

When Daniel had met Martouf, he had been together with Lantash again. Elliot and Lantash had ascended after giving their lives to save SG-1 and Jacob. Elliot had not wanted to remain a host, but as they were all ascended, Lantash did not need a host. However, Martouf missed him terribly, and Lantash missed him, so when they met, they decided to 'blend' and remain together like host and symbiote, even if it was not necessary. It was cute, actually, and Daniel could not deny envying them a little.

"I just - checked on Sam and Jack," Daniel tells Martouf.

"I see." Martouf looks somber. "They are happy together, I assume?"

Daniel hesitates. "Well - I'm not sure, actually. I don't really think so."

"I was of the belief that they loved each other?"

"So was I, but as I said - I'm not sure." Daniel shrugs. "Anyway, I need to check on Anubis."

"Do you wish my assistance?"

 "No, it's easier on my own, but if you want to you could check on Sam, Jack, Teal'c, and Jonas for me. They are going on a mission which could become dangerous."

"There is nothing I can do - at least not without being stopped."

"True, I still like to keep an eye on them when they're in danger. Perhaps secretly help a little. As long as it is only a little, the other Ancients don't mind."

Martouf nods, smiling a little. "I see. I shall do so, then."


"So, what happened?" Daniel asks when he sees Martouf again.

"Some aliens who had escaped a prison transport tried to fool SG-1 into helping them escape further. Their leader kept trying to seduce Samantha - I only just managed to restrain myself from causing something to fall on him!" Martouf takes a deep breath. "Regardless, SG-1, with the help of SG-15, succeeded and has returned to the world of the Tau'ri."

"Jack is safe?"

"Yes, Colonel O'Neill is safe." Martouf looks closely at Daniel. "You care for him a lot."

Daniel blushes - not something he had thought possible as an ascended. "Yeah, uh, he's a good friend."

"It's more than that, though, is it not? You love him."

Daniel looks down, then nods slowly. "Yes. I do."

"But you have not informed him. Why not? Because he is with Samantha, correct?"

"No, well, yes, that too. But I have loved him for years." Daniel admits. "It's just that Jack would never - he just wouldn't understand, okay? He'd probably be furious and never want to talk to me ever again, if I told him!"

"Why? I realize it can be difficult to tell someone you love them, particularly if it is a good friend - Lantash and I did not do a good job of telling Samantha. We feared rejection, and I understand that you do too, but I do not understand how anyone would become angry to hear they are loved?"

"It's, difficult. Especially because Jack is in the Air Force. They've got rules against that kind of thing. Well, officially he and Sam can't be together either."

"So he might not mind breaking this stupid rule? Since he already does so."

"It's not the same. Sam is at least female! I'm male! Jack would never admit to any feelings for me, even if he did have them!"

"Why would it matter? Ah, yes, some cultures have aversions and sometimes even rules against sexual relationships between people of the same gender, but I did not know the Tau'ri subscribed to these foolish notions."

"Not all Tau'ri do, but many. And they really don't like it in the Air Force." Daniel sighs.

"It is regrettable." Martouf nods.

"I take it the Tok'ra don't mind?"

"Why would they? Many symbiotes have had hosts of either gender, and so have been in relationships as both male and female, and with both males and females. Lantash is only attracted to females, but most Tok'ra like males and females equally as sexual and romantic partners, though some hosts are from cultures that are averse to relationships with the same gender, and so the symbiotes respect that their hosts may not be comfortable in such a relationship."

"Interesting." Daniel says. "I'd like to study that - I mean, I would, if I wasn't ascended."

"Sometimes being ascended is frustrating. Especially when you see something you would like to interfere in, but are not allowed to."

"Well, you can descend, you know," Daniel says.


"Yes. An Ancient called Orlin ascended - because he had fallen in love with Sam."

"It would seem she attracts a great many males of different races." Martouf smiles, a little bitterly.

"It does, yes." Daniel looks unhappy.

"Well, even if descending is possible, there is no point in doing so. Samantha is with Colonel O'Neill."

"Yes - she is, but I don't think she loves him, and I don't think she'll stay with him much longer. Especially not if someone she loves more is available."

"If you mean me, then I doubt she loves me." Martouf glows a little brighter for a moment, and Daniel recognizes that as how he and Lantash does when they switch control.

"When Samantha learned of my feelings for her, she did not say she loved me, only that she would never forget me." Lantash sounds bitter.

"That was while Elliot was your host, right? And just before you died."

"Yes, but why does that matter?"

"She isn't the best at showing emotions on a good day, and she would have been thoroughly confused by the different host, and probably also trying to suppress what she felt because it hurt so badly. I talked to her afterwards, and she said she had never felt such bottomless despair as when she first learned Martouf was dead, and then realized you would die too. So I am sure she was trying to keep her feelings in so as not to break down completely. She didn't want to do that in front of everyone, and it was also a dangerous situation where we had to hurry. She needed to be professional, but I can assure you that she regretted not telling you what she felt for you. She never said it straight out, but it was very obvious that she loves you. Both of you."

Lantash makes a sharp intake of breath. "You really believe she loves us? That she might become ours if we descended?"

"Yes. I really think so." Daniel says, believing it - and knowing that if Sam leaves Jack, then it is one step closer to Jack being with him, Daniel.

"I will observe them. If it seems that Samantha does not love Colonel O'Neill, I will talk to Oma Desala."

 "I believe you are correct. Samantha no longer loves Colonel O'Neill. In fact, she informed him she wanted some time to 'think about their relationship' - and yes, I feel bad for eavesdropping, but I had not expected them to talk personally. It was on a mission, while they were sitting and talking, after Jonas was asleep, and Teal'c was on guard," Martouf says.

"So you will talk to Oma Desala about descending?" Daniel asks.

"I will, yes. What about you, Daniel? Will you also descend, and perhaps attempt to win Colonel O'Neill?"

"Possibly. I will wait a little, and see how he reacts. Then I will maybe contact him, and talk to him. If he seems to, have missed me, then I will also, descend."

"Then Lantash and I hope we will see you - back on the lower planes of existence," Martouf says.

It was a couple weeks after Sam had told Jack she wanted some time to think about their relationship. Part of her regretted it, when she went to bed alone. The sex had been good, but that was about all there had been left in their relationship. They simply had too little in common, and sex wasn't enough to make a relationship, however good that sex was.

She sighs and set her alarm clock, before crawling to bed, naked.

She liked sleeping naked, but Jack wanted the room too cold for that, so at least she could enjoy a slightly warmer room now, and be able to sleep naked.

She pulls up the blanket and cuddles the pillow against her, imagining she holds her lover. Imagining she has a lover, which she probably doesn't anymore. Even if she wants Jack back, and she's not sure of that, then she's certain he doesn't want her back. He was more relieved than anything when she suggested they take a break.

Sam sighs again and closes her eyes. As has happened regularly - even when she was with Jack - the image of Martouf pops into her head. This time she does not push it aside, but allows it to linger as she falls asleep. If only she hadn't been so stupid before - if only he was still alive.


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